Barrel Water Butt Premium /52Gallon/238lt Jacobean Dark Oak Effect Ale Barrel / Bronze


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Jacobean Dark Oak Effect Barrel Water Butt C/W Ornamental Hand Pump and Brass Tap (Bronze)

The Jacobean Dark Oak Barrel Water Butt is another of our classic garden product range, created to give the look, charm and appeal of the original Hogshead Barrel without any of
the drawbacks.

The Barrel is made from polyethylene polymer, undoubtedly the finest and most durable material for this type of product, nothing else comes close. It is:-

Frost proof, weather proof, shock proof, UV stable, virtually unbreakable and easily movable.

It also accepts any of the specialized finishes we have available. The manufacturing process and unique high quality tooling enables us to perfectly replicate the fine complex surface detail of:-

Natural Stone, Hewn Slate, Wood Grain, Terracotta, Cast Iron, Lead and many more. All of which give the classic garden objects the look we all admire.

The dimensions of the barrel are:-

Diameter at top:- 22 inches/560mm

Diameter at middle:- 27.5 inches/700mm

Diameter at bottom:- 22 inches/560mm

Height:- 34.5 inches/870mm

Capacity:- 52 Gallons/238lt

Dimensional tolerance:- + or – 1/4inch/6mm




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